New single for the next gig in Berlin, soon!

Gig at Madame Claude, Berlin, GERMANY (09/03/13 à 21H)

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21/06/12. Last release of Rose le Cowboy on Deezer : here
or Spotify : "EOS MMX The Summer Solstice" - Ekler'o'shock - song "Never"




Rose at Madame Claude - (Berlin, Ger) - 09/03/13

Rose at L'International (Paris, Fr)- 11/12/12, 16/11/11
by Olivier Forest (Filmer La Musique) with Nicolas Ker (Poni Hoax, Paris, Aladdin) and Guillaume Teyssier (My Sister Klaus)

Rose at Boutique Ephemère #1, #3 et #5 (Paris, Fr) Galerie Joseph, - 18/06, 19/06, 26/11 et 17/03/12
By Marthe Lazarus

Rose at La Fidélite (Paris, Fr)- 21/06/11
by Panic City Boys (Olivier Forest, Eric Daviron)

Rose at La Gaîte Lyrique- 3/06/2011
by Filmer la Musique (special parisian event about music and movies about music)